I have two strong addictions, and I have no desire to completely rid myself of either of them. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I’m admitting it, but I don’t want to change it.

My first addiction is a wonderful, liquid substance known as Coca-Cola. It is heaven in a bottle. Or a can. Or a glass. I DON’T CARE JUST GET IT INTO MY SYSTEM!!! I used to have an iron clad resolve where I could hold a glass of this fine beverage up to my lips, and not take a drink. I could go years without drinking it or any other soda. I sometimes wonder what happened to this willpower, but at the same time, I don’t want it back. I want a Coke. Now my addiction consists of one 20 oz bottle a day, far less than most soda drinkers. However, this addiction is costing $1.59 per day. Not bad, but over $45 dollars a month (you will learn in later posts that I am a cheap skate. Stay tuned). So what is the best remedy for this? Buy a case of cans, or a 2 liter, or an eight pack of bottles? Yes, that would be cheaper, but the problem is, if it is in my house, I’m going to drink every last drop of it. So from a health/addiction standpoint, consuming less is better, even though it is more expensive. I make things way to difficult.

Coke is such a wonderful substance. It is what gold should taste like. And diamonds. Platinum even. I love it. It tickles my taste buds in such a loving yet teasing sort of way. It’s not just the beverage itself, but I love the Coca Cola Santa Claus, and polar bears, and memorabilia. In my dream basement/Husker football haven/family room, there would be a wet bar with Coca Cola on tap, an authentic restored Coke machine, and a ton of Coke Memorabilia. It would match well with Husker decor if needed. My husband and I have always said we want a pool table with a Coke Tiffany lamp hanging over it. I insisted the pool table felt be red, and he said that was stupid. But I digress….

So why bring any of this up? I need to lose baby weight. Not just baby weight, but the eating-my-feelings weight I gained while Zach was sick (and after he got better, but tell a mother not to worry). I saw the scale go down to a comfortable number, not quite my pre-pregnancy weight, but still good. Now that number has slowly drifted north again, and I don’t have many pants that fit comfortably. Is it Coke’s fault? No. But it is the liquid calories that I can do without. I’ve found iced green tea to be a suitable replacement, and to then have a Coke every few days or so. But I fall off this wagon regularly. I’m trying to decide what else I should give up in my diet to allow room for Coke. I don’t care what reports say, about what is happening to my teeth, bones, and stomach lining (okay, I do care a little bit). It’s just too good.

Someday I will put this miscellaneous rambling into a coherent thought. I can’t do it right now, because I want a Coke, and have none in the house. My mind is occupied. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, addictions. I’ll write about my Mad Men addiction later too. Coke is calling me.

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One Response to Addiction

  1. Carrie Jo says:

    All I can think of is try Coke Zero. To me it tastes really close to regular Coke. I am a huge diet coke fan myself, but I recognize that it tastes quite different from regular coke.

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