More Beginnings of Christmas Traditions….

On my shopping list this year is a reusable Advent calendar so the kids can mark down the days until Christmas. When I was young, I used to have the ones that had chocolate inside. It is cruel and unusual to expect a young child to wait and only have ONE piece of chocolate each day, and that is NOT THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!! I’ve seen some where you open a door and see a christmasy picture, or you pull an ornament out of a pocket. We’ll see what Target has tomorrow.

This is my first Christmas as a true SAHM (last year doesn’t count, because I was still technically employed, and was stuck sitting trying to keep the baby cooking). Last year’s Christmas season was a bit disappointing for me because I couldn’t do anything. I put up the tree and almost went into labor, so that was a bust. When I was off of restrictions, I went grocery/present shopping with Josh, and again almost went into labor. I couldn’t make Christmas cookies, and worst of all, I didn’t listen to much Christmas music. I hadn’t realized how much time I spent in the car and at work listening to the radio. It didn’t occur to me to turn on the radio at home. Besides that, I spent as much time as I could sleeping 1) Because I was depressed and scared and 2) It was the last chance in my life where I had two kids in daycare and didn’t have to work, so I took advantage!

Anyhoo, in my mind I have a big list of things I want to do this season, and hopefully being at home will allow me to spread some of this out without stressing myself out too much. Alright, everyone who knows me is rolling around laughing. Ha ha, enough. I haven’t done myself any favors this year, because this will be our last Christmas in our house. We will be moving after the New Year to a different state, so now I have to pack on top of everything. Why do I do this to myself?? I want to make this Christmas extra special for so many reasons…Zach’s first Christmas, a chance to better enjoy this season without worrying about having a preterm baby, and it’s our last Christmas where we will be able to spend so much time with our family. Of course we’ll be back for holidays after we move, but it won’t be the same. And that makes me sad. But it’s time to move on. So this year will be the beginning of new Christmas traditions. Step one: Advent calendar…

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