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Happy New Year!!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! For those of you going out tonight, be safe and drive safe. For everyone else, enjoy the comfort of your homes. See you in 2011! Advertisements

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Of Jars and Spiders….

If I had to pick one thing I miss the most about my job, it would be lunchtime. No, that’s not a tongue in cheek indicator of how things were before I quit (well, not intentionally). Those thirty minutes (which … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in resolutions….

When I got measured for my wedding dress years ago, there are a few things I remember vividly. First, after my measurements were taken, the saleswoman told me “well, your measurements put you at a size four, but your a … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Job Description

You have to be crazy to become a mother. It is the most demanding, thankless, difficult, frustrating, wonderful, fulfilling, and heartwarming job in the entire world. Doing this job earns you the title of  “mommy.” Each mother has a different … Continue reading

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The Yellow Flip Flops

The packing and sorting has begun. Josh and I spent lots of quality time in the basement this weekend going through our junk, and made a good dent. I have each room of the house at some degree of sorting … Continue reading

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My oldest son is quickly turning into a mindful young boy. He is a thinker, and often tells me that he can’t sleep because he just can’t turn his brain off. I know what he means. He asks a lot … Continue reading

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We don’t do simple…

We don’t do things the easy way around here. We are moving to Minnesota in a month, Josh is splitting his time between here and there, and while he’s there, I’m a single mom. Luckily, I’m not a single “working” … Continue reading

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Giving Trees

Every year as a kid, we took names from the Salvation Army tree at the mall. My sisters and I would try to pick girls who were the same ages as we were so we could get them something we … Continue reading

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A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices…

Oh Holy Night is my favorite Christmas Carol. It’s tune is so beautiful, and in many versions so powerful, summing up the meaning of Jesus’s birth. Just hearing “a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices for yonder brings a … Continue reading

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