The Yellow Flip Flops

The packing and sorting has begun. Josh and I spent lots of quality time in the basement this weekend going through our junk, and made a good dent. I have each room of the house at some degree of sorting (not much packing has happened, just want to get the non-keepable stuff out of the way). I’m looking out for my old yellow flip flops, that have been worn for about three days and three days only. I bought them for $1 at Old Navy YEARS ago. I got those, a blue pair (which died a slow death when we were cleaning up our basement after it flooded), and a nice pair of wicker and black ones that I actually wore for a long time. The yellow ones sat on a shelf in my closet. I always saw them and never knew why I bought them, but didn’t want to wear them, and didn’t want to throw them away and waste them either. It’s a constant struggle.

Back when Zach got sick, I was with him at the ER with no shoes on. When the ambulance arrived, I just ran out the door holding him, prompted by the EMT. I didn’t have my purse, the insurance card, or shoes. I was wearing clearance cargo pants with fake paint stains on them, and a hot pink tank top that did little to disguise my nursing bra. I WAS HOT!!! At least I had taken a shower that day, but my hair was crazy. I’m sure I looked like all of the other crazy people that grace the ER. Think I care? NOPE. I didn’t realize I didn’t have shoes on until it was time to get out of the ambulance, and I stepped out the back on to the steps that had a rough surface. Still didn’t care.

As Zach was improving, we were laughing about my lack of footwear, and made arrangements to get me some shoes. I was planning on staying at the hospital that night anyway and someone would have to pack me a bag (this was before he was transferred to Children’s Hospital). My sister, Jen, went to my house to get me some stuff for the hospital. With it being a harried sort of day, her mind wouldn’t let her remember where we kept some stuff. She found a bag and put in some clothes, a sweatshirt so I could look a little less white trash, my glasses and contact lens stuff, and then she had to find me some shoes. She looks in my closet and sees slippers, high heels, boots, but no tennis shoes, sandals, or anything of use. She looked on the shelf and found the flip flops and decided they would do.

She returned to the hospital after Zach’s second seizure (see Baptism post) and handed me the bag. She said she was sorry about the shoes, but she couldn’t find any of them. Then she remembered that we keep our frequently worn shoes in a tote by the door to the garage. So we laughed. It was nice to have this to laugh about. And they really completed the look I was going for. I’m sure if Cosmo had seen it I would be a “don’t” on their fashion watch. Again, still don’t care.  I was just happy to have something on my feet so I didn’t look like a hobo. And this we still laugh about.  Of all of the shoes around, these stood out as being useful. I wore them for several days while Zach was in the hospital, until Josh took me to Kohl’s for a new pair of shoes. I won’t wear them again, because they are uncomfortable and quite ugly (my 23 year old self thought they were good, but not my 30 year old self). I’m keeping an eye out for them while I’m packing, because they served a good purpose and deserve a better ending than a landfill. Thank you Jen. And thank you ugly yellow flip flops.

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