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There was sad news from Nebraska a few days ago. A little boy in a town outside of Lincoln died from complications of meningitis. This poor little guy was so sick his arms and legs had to be amputated, and … Continue reading

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Time for a brain dump….

We are now in Minnesota! We arrived late Sunday night, and are fast approaching the end of our first week. Jacob loves his new school, and his teacher and him are a great fit. He’s already been invited to a … Continue reading

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One year ago today…..

…I gave birth to Zachary, at 7:31 PM. He weighed 6 lbs, 2oz, and was 19.25 inches long. And he was perfect. As soon as he was born, I noticed how little he was! He definitely was the runt of … Continue reading

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Binging and Purging

That title ought to attract a few readers. The purge has begun. It should have begun, oh, six or seven months ago. Too bad I didn’t know we were moving then! So we’re down to about two weeks left in … Continue reading

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