Binging and Purging

That title ought to attract a few readers.

The purge has begun. It should have begun, oh, six or seven months ago. Too bad I didn’t know we were moving then! So we’re down to about two weeks left in our house, and it’s time to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away. So far this evening, I consolidated enough totes to free up eight large totes. I went through all of the kids’ clothes that are in storage. In my ideal world, I would have sorted them by gender and size, placed in individual totes, and used my nifty label maker to say things like “Boys 6mo” or something equally perfectionist. Instead, I filled each tote to the brim with anything that would fit inside. Now that I have all of the clothes totes in the same place, it is crazy to think of how much kid stuff we have lying around. I don’t dare get rid of any of it–my fear is as soon as all of the baby stuff (and maternity clothes) is out of the house, Baby Wolfe #4 will make an appearance. I told Josh none of it is going away until he gets ye grande olde snip snip.

In exciting news (this will indicate how boring I really am), my shredder decided to come back to life today! I got a ton of old documents shredded, pausing occasionally to allow it to cool off. I had a tote filled with all kinds of papers and office supplies that had been nagging me in my mind for a long time. I wish I had dealt with it sooner to get it off of my mind. Leave it to moving across several states to finally motivate me to get this stuff better organized.

I went through a lot of books, and determined we may actually be intelligent beings. How exciting. Among “Garfield Takes the Cake” was “Ecocide in the USSR” and many philosophy books. None of them appear to have been used as coasters either. I shouldn’t have any need to buy books for a while, as I found many that I bought and haven’t read. I also found a ton of books I need to give back to people–many unread as well.

I talked to my sister today, and she had read that January is a great time to do a purge or a cleanse of household items. It does feel liberating. We got very comfortable here over the last five years, and now that it’s time to go to a new house, we have to decide what is worthy of making the move with us. The pile in the middle of the basement, called the “Goodwill Pile,” is growing and growing. Hopefully the toys, clothes, kitchen items, etc., can find a good home somewhere else.

My biggest take away from today’s happenings is this: If you can afford to pay to have the moving company pack your things, DO IT!

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