Time for a brain dump….

We are now in Minnesota! We arrived late Sunday night, and are fast approaching the end of our first week. Jacob loves his new school, and his teacher and him are a great fit. He’s already been invited to a birthday party, and he is SOOO excited to go bowling for the first time. This is such a relief. His class even drew pictures for his birthday (which was Thursday–he’s now a six year old!), gave him a birthday crown to wear, and his teacher gave him a goody bag. It has been a crazy week, and emotions have run high, but we are happy to be here all together again.

The process of unpacking is in someways more daunting than packing, because now I don’t have a definitive timeline, so stuff may seem to sit for a while….I’m going to have to stay motivated to do that. It is easy to kind of withdraw right now since I don’t know many people or where anything is in the new town. It will take some exploring, but that is a little scary when I’m hauling at least two children, and there is a ton of snow everywhere. It is easy to hole up at home and watch TV. I wish we could have moved in the spring or summer when the weather is nice and more people were outside, and we could go for walks.

For me, it’s been up and down emotionally. I miss Nebraska, but am happy to be here and excited for the adventure. We made the right decision to move, and so far things are going well (with one small/large exception, and I’ll get into that at a later time when it isn’t so sensitive. Don’t worry, everyone is okay?). We are waiting to meet with the services coordinator for Zach so he can get back into his physical therapy. It is clear that we haven’t devoted as much time to his exercises, as he is now holding his head back again. But, he is babbling more, and today it sounded like he said “Amy”, “Red Bull” and “Lady Gaga.” His appetite has spiked, and he had his first impromptu doctors appointment, as he developed an ear infection our first night hear. He weighed in at 18.5 pounds fully clothed, but I doubt the clothes weighed a whole pound, so that means he’s gaining weight. Next week he goes back for a getting to know you appointment with the new doctor to discuss his medical history and to decide whether or not to worry about his size (so far, she’s not that worried). He’s a sweetie.

Izzy told me she wants to make friends. I do too. I’m looking for a preschool, but it looks like that will have to wait until the fall for her to be old enough. In the mean time, we need to see if there is a play group around town or a mom’s group, or just some neighbor kids to play with. I was involved with MOPS in Lincoln, and have found a group that I may join in a nearby town.

There is definitely some culture shock going on. Going from a city of 250,000 people to a town of 3000 people will take some getting used to. There obviously isn’t much selection as far as stores (and no Target!), but there is plenty in town to take care of our needs, and plenty of other stores in nearby towns. This weekend we hope to venture to the nearest city to check it out, as most of the larger stores we’re used to are there.

So far, so good!

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