Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! That must mean that my vegetarian adventure begins tomorrow. I know I’m getting eye rolls from family members, but I haven’t heard any of them giving up something difficult for Lent…

For tonight’s last supper, I will be dining on pork chops, and herbed potato soup served in a bread bowl. Maybe not the best pairing of foods, but I’ve been trying to make this soup for a week now, and I’m making it tonight dammit! Josh came home with some lovely pork chops last night, and this is my last chance to have them.

I have scoured my cookbooks and have compiled a list of recipes to try over the next six weeks. Interestingly, many of them come from non-vegetarian cookbooks, and also have the option to add meat for the rest of the fam. There will be times when I will cook meat for the family, and there will be times they will eat vegetarian with me. I have great support from these guys in my adventure. Jacob says he doesn’t want to eat meat either (and often doesn’t), Izzy eats whatever you put in front of her, and Zach, well, has no control over what he eats, but we give him the good stuff. Josh is excited to try some new recipes to throw into the mix, and to eat healthier.

Things in my favor as I start this adventure: Fast food in our town is limited. No McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s in Caledonia. Only a DQ and a Subway, so the temptation won’t really be there (DQ fast food is disgusting. I can get a veggie sub at Subway if needed). And there isn’t much in terms of restaurants anyway, so I’ll be in control over what gets into the kitchen. Things not in my favor: the local grocery store doesn’t have many options. The produce department has great quality items, but not much for variety. This isn’t exactly a vegetarian’s paradise up here. I’ll have to go to La Crosse and Onalaska for much of my grocery shopping, which is slightly inconvenient, but my options improve.

My plan is to update on my progress every Wednesday, and I may include a food diary on a different page. Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Fat Tuesday

  1. Mike Fields says:

    Good luck! I am going to think about giving something up myself. I’m a bit behind you as I haven’t thought about this before now. I need something that will cut down carbs in my diet. Obvious would be alcohol, but I’m not a masochist. 😉

    btw, holy hell you guys are in another state now. Denise never tells me anything.

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks Mike! I’ve been thinking about giving up meat for a while (temporarily), and Lent seemed like the perfect time. You could always give up something like tofu or dog fighting if alcohol is too much of a problem 🙂

    And moving was a whirlwind adventure! Josh got a new job, and we were here in two months. Kind of blur, actually.

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