It Seemed Like a Good Idea….

I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. We moved again, this time only ten miles instead of 400. We are now in a town about ten minutes southwest from where we were, and we love it. We are in a brand new house, open floor plan, one level, perfect for everyone. And if this is what the weather is like in June in Minnesota, then it makes up for all of the snow in the winter.

I’ve been trying to come up with new posts and have been dealing with some writer’s block. It’s not that nothing has happened recently, but my brain is about to come to a screeching halt if anything else tries to get pushed in. Have you ever tried to put too much food down the garbage disposal at one time, and then it makes that awful, sputtering noise and then a terrible grinding sound, followed by an ominous hum? It’s kind of like that, but without the food. Staying in one place for a while will be extremely helpful for that. We are more unpacked than we were at the old house and are finally feeling at home, five months later.

Josh and I decided to do the unthinkable when we moved, and that was to not have cable TV over the summer. Why? Several reasons: 1) There isn’t anything good on in the summer time 2) any shows we missed during the move are available online, with far less commercials 3) We have a sprawling DVD library, and most of it is still wrapped up 4) TV was a crutch to keep the kids occupied when we first moved, so they could use a bit of detox 5) Saves a lot of $$$ 6) We are in a new community that we need to explore and don’t need TV holding us inside, and 7) It’s summer time, so why stay indoors?

For the most part, we’re doing fine without cable. The house is cleaner (because no one is sucked into meaningless reality TV), and unpacking went faster without distractions. Fortunately, the kids don’t seem to notice. Early on they wanted to watch some cartoons, but now they don’t even mention it. I would love to say that this has allowed Jacob and Isabelle more time to play together and be creative, and imaginative, but I can’t. What I can say is when they are ALONE, and away from each other, this is true. Suddenly those two hate each other, but more on that another time. It’s also good for Zach and his hearing. Having the TV on at anytime can actually be detrimental to him “learning” how to hear again. And he’s not distracted by the moving pictures and is playing more with his toys.

So, I got to thinking, if we aren’t missing TV so much, and we can get the shows we like to watch off the internet, why get cable or satellite when summer is over? Jacob will be at school all day, Izzy will be in preschool a few mornings a week, so it would just me Zach and me at home. We can do it, right?

WRONG. As I suggested this to my dear sweet loving Josh, he looked at me like I had personally shot Bambi (I didn’t, by the way). And he replied in a way that only a man could….”What about football season? I can’t miss any of that!!”

And I lost about ten thousand wife points with that one. Oh well.

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