This poor blog has been abandoned for too long. I have so many half written posts that have no direction that I just deleted. At first I was going to keep them, but I reread them and thought “what the heck was I doing??”

So, disclosure time…I want to lose weight. I still have all of the residual baby weight from Zach (who is now 27 months), plus ten pounds of Zach-had-meningitis weight, and a few more on top of that just from the scale creeping up. And now, I have thirty pounds I want to lose. That number may be arbitrary. My goal is to lose it in ten pound increments, and re-evaluate at those check points. So I’ve been trying to get back into running. I found a great book, Run Your Butt Off that I think will help me ease into it. It takes you through (I think) 13 weeks of slowly building up running time, running about four times a week.

Thanks to a beautiful new jogging stroller courtesy of my in-laws, I can take Zach out and about. He loves riding along, but today was the exception. It was either the change in scenery or the fact that he was brewing up one of his worst diapers ever, but he cried the whole time. I pushed through it knowing I needed to get it in and that he was being a bit dramatic. When he saw our car, he was happy again. The route we took today involved a mean, gradual hill. I told myself downhill first and then you’ll earn everything you eat today by finishing strong going up the hill. My legs hate me now. But that’s not the only reason they have to hate me. On Pinterest, I found a lovely daily exercise regimen, and appropriately executed the “Monday” sequence. Now, I want to die. I can walk up the stairs, but down the stair is horrible. Me thinks tomorrow will be a rest day. I have noticed a huge difference when I run along versus running while pushing an extra 25 pounds in front of me.

***It’s now Tuesday, and my body hates me. My legs are killing me, prompting worry from my kids about whether or not my legs were actually going to leave them motherless. The answer is yes, from a practical sense, because it’s too dang hard to get off the couch!!! So today has been as much of a rest day as I could manage. Especially with Zach climbing all over the furniture. Per my plan, I should get out and walk/run tomorrow, but I think I’ll take it easy on the strengthening portion. Or else my legs might actually kill me.

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