Christmas Trees

Only five months since my last post. Let’s see if I can shorten that next time.

Today the kids helped me put up the Christmas trees. Yes, plural. I have not been able to part with the first piece of junk, cheap, fake tree I bought ten years ago. I always had visions of putting it up in the kitchen, and this year I just went for it. Some cheap, unbreakable ornaments from Target, some garland, a string of lights (two would have been better, but oh well), and a spool of ribbon made my dream come true. a beautifulish tree of silver and blue decorations.

I decorated the living room tree in its usual gold and red adornments, plus the assortment of ornaments acquired over the years (including many Jake and Izzy originals).

I had two elves help me. The third elf was safely asleep, as I didn’t know how he would handle the trees. So far, he’s ignoring him just like the new sippy cup he still won’t use. So, in this family moment, I have to push down into the pit of my stomach, until it turns as black as coal and dense as mercury, my control freakishness when it comes to my tree. Instead of carefully wrapping the garland and beaded garland around the tree, and systematically placing first the gold ornaments, then the red, then the others, and slowly repositioning them, stepping back occasionally to see the whole effect, I had to step back and watch two of my minions do it.

The beauty of this moment is seeing the difference in their personalities. As I’m putting hooks on the ornaments, Jacob is digging through the tote of ornaments to make sure we have them all out, and then checks my progress on adding hooks, adding commentary as he feels needed, and criticizing Izzy’s ornament placing skills. While this is going on, Izzy is seeing how many ornament hooks she can put on each finger, some over her ears, singing her song about two fish and five loaves of garlic bread (long story). When she gets an ornament near the tree, the dumps them all on one branch. I know that after they go to bed, I can move ornaments around and create some balance (not for aesthetic, but safety. The damn thing could fall over). Jacob on the other hand, is about to have an aneurism.

So, there they are. My control freak and my free spirit. And my Zach, who is so cute.



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One Response to Christmas Trees

  1. Barb says:

    BOTH trees are beautiful, Sarah. And, your reflections about J, Z and I are precious. I could especially visualize IZZY! Sending hugs and gentle holiday blessings your way! Barb

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