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What I Did During Winter Vacation

I haven’t been on a vacation since my honeymoon. When I was working, my vacation days were reserved for sick kids. Once I went with my husband on a business trip weekend to Peoria, Illinois. Have you ever been to … Continue reading

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The Christmas trees came down early this year. Yesterday Zach decided it was a good idea to start pulling the ornaments off the tree, try to knock one over, and try to plug in the lights after he unplugged them. … Continue reading

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(Don’t) Let it Snow

I’ve been living with guilt weighing on me for several days. It’s winter, and though the weather has been unseasonably warm, I know better than to let my gas gauge go below half. This is a winter weather driving rule … Continue reading

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Clearly I don’t remember the trials and tribulations of being a second grader. I do remember having to postpone my eighth birthday party because I had the chicken pox. I was heartbroken. Life was ending. Nevermind none of my friends … Continue reading

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I had a weekend off. In some respects it was glorious, but I missed my babies. To help pass the time, I cleaned like a mad woman. There were no kids around to make a mess right after I cleaned, … Continue reading

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My husband’s grandmother loved angels. Her house was covered in angels–literally. In 2003, I found two angel ornaments at a craft fair that made me think if her. I bought them to give her for a Christmas gift. A few … Continue reading

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A House Full of Sickies

The first nasty cold virus has landed in our house. The kids and I are all sick, which is loads of fun. When I’m not pumping everyone full of ibuprofen, I’m doing it with orange juice. Everyone is crabby and … Continue reading

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