My husband’s grandmother loved angels. Her house was covered in angels–literally. In 2003, I found two angel ornaments at a craft fair that made me think if her. I bought them to give her for a Christmas gift.



A few days after I found these, she was in a car accident that would eventually take her life. I brought them to her hospital room, knowing she would want angels around her. After she died, the ornaments came home and have had an important place on my tree. The kids even know that they are very special and must be treated with care.

This is a time of year that is supposed to be happy. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, we gather with friends and family and share food, gifts, and good company. It would be wonderful if there was a buffer around this time of year so bad things didn’t happen. No one can get sick, die, injured, fight, leave, or be sad. Everyone gets to go where they want to, be with who they want to, and be merry. But that’s not the case.

Today I learned a friend lost a baby. This is a friend I’ve never met. I have a great group of friends, most of whom are far away, but share a sisterhood with me. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. I cannot fathom the pain my friend is feeling, but my heart aches for her. To know there is nothing I can do to ease her pain is difficult. She knows when she’s ready, there is a band of moms ready to carry her when she can’t do it herself. We can’t fix her loss, we can’t take away her pain, but we can cry and pray with her.

If you are inclined to pray, please pray for my friend and her family, and for anyone who may be facing a difficult time during this season. Send some angels their way.

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