I had a weekend off. In some respects it was glorious, but I missed my babies. To help pass the time, I cleaned like a mad woman. There were no kids around to make a mess right after I cleaned, so I even got to enjoy the tidiness for a while. I also saw how bare the walls are, and the absence of the pictures and knick knacks that feel like home. Having moved so many times in an eighteen month span, I have forgotten about a lot of it. I saw glimpses of it searching for Christmas decorations and finding Zach’s next size of hand me downs.

I went on a mission tonight searching for specific items, and found a lot of what I had forgotten. It was like Christmas. And it will be like Christmas for the kids when they see the books that have been packed, as well as the toys (at least the ones I don’t give away. Some of them are so annoying they will not see light of day in this house again. And I can’t believe the number of boxes and totes filled with toys sitting in my basement). Along with the good stuff, I found a load of papers. From school work to bills, and everything in between, there is a lot of crap that I need to go through. I think of all that was weeded out when I was packing the first few times, and how much more there is that can go away.

When we were in Minnesota getting ready to move from one small town to the next, I sorted out ten garbage bags filled with baby clothes. I had been keeping them “just in case” they were needed again, but having that much stuff taking up that much space weighed on me. It was a relief to donate and throw away so much moving from Lincoln to Minnesota, and here I had carried so much of it with me again. It felt good to get the physical and emotional space back that all that stuff took up. And there is still so much that needs to be sorted through.

So, where to start? I was looking for candles when I came across my old, dying if not dead breast pump. Don’t think that will be needed again. And if it were needed, it wouldn’t do the job anymore. So that needs to go. I ended up finding more Christmas decorations I had forgotten about, which warranted a “woohoo!” I also found the elusive piggy banks the kids have been asking for. And more things for their rooms ready to give them the finishing touches to make our home feel even more like home.

I found a lot of what I was looking for, along with some surprises, but there are still some items eluding me. I know I need to go through everything and decide what stays and what goes, and hope I find what I’m looking for along the way.

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