Another Weekend

Another weekend off, and they aren’t getting easier. I’m remembering how I don’t sit still well. Several times I tried to sit and watch some TV (I would love to read but there is so much clutter and chaos in my mind I don’t think I would absorb anything), and I found myself restless. The only plan I had for the weekend was to get some furniture moved from my cousin’s house to my basement. With the help of her husband and my brother in law, the kids’ playroom is one huge step closer to completion. It’s nice having an extra living space, essentially adding 600 square feet of usable space.

The unfinished portion of the basement has been a mess since we moved back in. The large shelving unit used to store totes had been dismembered until this weekend. As I was moving stuff away from the wall I wanted to put the shelves to access some end tables, I realized I nearly had enough space to put it together and quickly moved the rest of the junk out of the way. I was never included in the construction of these shelves, kind of because of an unspoken division of labor. I was pleased to assemble them in under forty minutes, by myself. It’s up against the wall and now houses Christmas trees and decorations, totes filled with kids clothes and memorabilia, and a boatload of other totes that need sorting, but something my brain wasn’t ready for this weekend. Now there is an unspoken line of implied masking tape down that room, my stuff on one side, other stuff on the other ready to go to a new home. There was some purging of tote contents (like envelopes from bills, why do I keep that stuff?), and slowly but steadily the physical clutter is leaving or becoming organized, and with it the mental clutter follows suit.

I use these weekends to get the house to a normally unachievable level of clean, but I did everything I could to put that off as long as possible. I had a gift card to Target, and fulfilled every woman’s wildest fantasy of going to Target alone, no kids. The reality was way better than the fantasy. I was able to get some necessities that had been put off, like bath mats (no more towels on the floor as a substitute), a shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom (Jacob swears one of these days he wants to try to take a shower instead of a bath), cups for each bathroom (though I will miss the jack-o-lantern cup in my bathroom), and a cube storage system that was ridiculously on sale. My hope is this can be mounted on a wall in my kitchen and serve as a makeshift open pantry. On my list is finding a variety of glass canisters so I can store rice, noodles, flours, sugar, and so on along with my cookbooks on this shelf. I have a vision for the kitchen and am slowly progressing towards it. If this doesn’t work, I have a plan B, but Zach could try to climb on plan B, so I’m hoping plan A has a shot.

I took note of the changes I’ve made to the house, projects that had been made out to be impossible or put off. I’ve always been a doer, and am glad I am accomplishing all I have been. I learned how to use the drill and hung up some candle sconces I’ve had for years, and took that newly acquired skill to change out the horrible vertical, life and light sucking blinds and replaced them with a curtain rod and shades that let light in without sacrificing privacy (and are Zach proof and washable. He had been knocking down pieces of the blinds on a daily basis). I painted the kids’ bathroom, I set up the playroom, I put the shelves together, I got the snowblower working and even fixed a flat tire on it, and more that I can’t think of. This is a long list, and yes I’m patting myself on the back, but what I’m marveling at is how easy they are to accomplish. Hard work, yes, but not impossible.

Many of these projects have been spontaneous. I’ve had a vision for how this house will look “completed,” and it seems within reach. I am realizing how conditioned I am to think that taking care of some of this is so backbreaking. Not really. With a lot of these accomplishments (usually while in the middle of a project) has come some unusual inspiration. As I make these inspirations come to life, I would like to share them with you.

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