Tomorrow I will run in my first road race in seven years. I signed up for the Lincoln Half-Marathon in December, something I have wanted to do for years. Each year, something has happened to block me from doing it, from surgery, to childbirth, to moving, to missing entry deadlines, and sell outs. So I stayed up late to register so I my efforts would not be thwarted (great word). I joined a running group called Lincoln Moms in Motion to help me with my training.

Tomorrow is the finish line of the first eight week session that got us ready for this 5K. I had a blast. I missed most of the group runs on Saturdays, but managed to get my training in on my own. We also kickboxed once a week and had a night of interval training every week. I loved it. I found out that I am faster than I thought and in somewhat better shape than I thought. When I can run without pushing the jogging stroller in front of me with 25 pounds of Zach, it makes a huge difference! I was feeling good about this race until this past week. I stayed home from Saturday’s training run because I was getting a cold. I pushed it to Sunday, and decided to go out in the afternoon and run four miles. The week before I had a great four mile run and felt fantastic. This time my calf muscles were all cramped up after two miles. I walked the other two miles. And I was close to my cousin’s apartment after two miles, so it was a lot for me not to walk to her door and ask for a ride back to my car.

The rest of the week wasn’t much better. Monday night I was tired and achy, and skipped kickboxing. I was hoping I would be ready for Wednesday night intervals (because I love them!), but my chest hurt, I was coughing a lot, and running in sub-freezing temps probably wasn’t the best idea. I hoped to do the interval training on a treadmill yesterday, but again, no. I did do some light yoga to keep my muscles stretched, and that felt good. Today I am feeling much better, but know I shouldn’t do too much the day before the race. So I’m going in tomorrow without having any exercise in almost a week.

So, I’m nervous. I feel better today, and the time off has helped my nagging shin splints disappear, so hopefully tomorrow I will have a good run. What the race means to me is concluding the training, using it towards training for the half-marathon, and remembering what running in races is like. The prospect of the half-mary still makes me want to vomit. After a good training session, I felt better about it. Since I haven’t had that in over a week, I hope completing tomorrow’s 5K brings be back to that. Wish me luck!

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