I Hate Mother Nature.

Today is allegedly the first day of spring. Yeah yeah yeah, science, global positioning relative to the sun and all of that nonsense, I get it. I am enjoying more daylight and am looking forward to warmer temperatures, if Mother Nature ever decides we are worthy of them. I keep looking at the advanced forecast which promises temps in the mid fifties, my favorite. Then when those days approach, no, it’s more like thirties, maybe low forties.

I have given up wearing my winter coat as a means of protest. I was ready to wash up the kids’ winter coats and gear and put into storage, but I’m glad I didn’t. Tomorrow’s forecast shows the possibility of SNOW. I’ve only looked at it on my phone and not many details are given, so I can assume whatever I want. I’m avoiding TV news reports because I don’t want to know how bad it could get. “Spring” break began this year with six inches of snow. We should be done by now!!! I need to get a garden started! I had my sister’s kids over a few days during spring break, and I had wonderful plans of giving each one a rake and letting them loose on the back yard to help me get it cleaned up. Nope. They got to play in the snow instead.

I have a “me” weekend starting Friday evening, and I thought it would be nice to spend some time getting the garden plot ready (finally) so I can get the dang garden going. I also have to get my entire house cleaned and organized to accommodate the 20+ people who will descend upon my home for Easter, but that’s a different story. I have wanted this garden for years, and now that I’m in an earth zen place with myself as far as cooking from scratch, trying natural and homemade cleaners and stuff, it seemed like a perfect fit! But like so much I have dealt with in my life, big and small, this is just going to be one of those annoying nagging things that I’m going to have to fight through, isn’t it? Ticks me off.

I did not get seedlings started as I planned, so I will have to buy them. I wanted to spend time researching which varieties to plant, but between taking care of the family, the house, Zach starting school (ooh! I need to post about that!), perpetual illnesses, and Doctor Who, it just didn’t happen. And I’m still training for the half marathon, a feat I find synonymous with hyperventilating. If it snows, it could mess that up too, since I think I wrote down my training schedule incorrectly and somehow added a week that doesn’t exist, so I need to fix that. Okay now I’m just thinking out loud but adding this will help me remember to go back and see if I did mess up or not. Did I mention I gave up Coke for Lent this year, and this time I’m successful? Yeah, I did, and I rock. Except I still have massive cravings and could cave at any moment. While my brain should be functioning better with out the fake sugars, and my bones and kidneys are thanking me, I feel off all of the time. Not that I ever really felt on, but you know what I mean.

With all of my free time and excess money (hang on while I stop laughing/crying), I need to get the yard cleaned. I need to do something to set up a plot and become reacquainted with the compost pile. To my gardening friends and anyone else, please give me tips for what to plant and when. I’m in zone 5b by the way, if that helps. Or come find my house, rake up the junk in my backyard, set up a garden plot, and any other small landscaping that might look nice. Thanks. Oh yeah, go ahead and pay some bills for me too. And watch my kids so I can take a nap. Please?

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