Little Steps

Zach did the best thing earlier this week. The big kids and I were picking him up from school, and we saw him walking in his gait trainer with his teacher. It looked like she was pushing him along, and his feet were going through the stepping motions. This is what he does at home. He has pushed himself backwards in his gait trainer at home, but never forwards on his own. When she saw me, she says “look at this!” and lets go. Little man walked out of the building on his own!

The day before, the kids and I were at my mom’s house getting ready for a yard sale. Zach was in his gait trainer by me in the garage, and he was content with standing. I was happy with it because it was good for his legs. I tried urging him to walk, but his stubborn nature said no. It was a huge surprise to see how well he did in his gait trainer. His teacher reports that he gets to walk the halls with a para during some activity time, and that he loves it and is FAST.

Zach has been at preschool for two and a half months, and the progress he has made in this time is astounding. He loves when we get to school to drop him off, and gets excited to see his friends and teachers (and he shamelessly flirts with the other moms). Yesterday when we were waiting to go inside, he wiggled out of my arms to stand (with a little help from me). In my mind, he’s thinking “none of the other kids’ mommies are holding them, why should mine?”

His daily reports are wonderful. I especially love hearing about him throwing fits because he doesn’t get his way, or another kid took a toy he wanted–just like every other three year old. He brings home his artwork everyday, and I like to see what he does for himself and what he gets a little help with.  I love it. I just love it. He’s happy to see the big kids and me when we pick him up, and looks so proud of himself.

Aside from his many academic accomplishments (he starts med school next week), I think the happiest moment I’ve had was when he was invited to a birthday party. Like many parents, I stay up at night worrying about my kids, like do they have enough friends, are they happy, what if they get picked on, among other things. I’ve been up at night in tears worried about Zach and how he will be treated due to his disability. But I shouldn’t worry too much about that right now. I love how his friends at school see him as Zach, and nothing else. They love him and are excited to see him. He is included, and they know he’s awesome. They are an awesome group of kids.

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