What am I going to do?

Five days left of school for the boys, four for Izzy. After that we have a week off before Zach starts summer school and the big two start three weeks of Vacation Bible School. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them all summer.

This is summer number four as a SAHM, and in that time I have established no real strategy for summertime. The first summer fell after Zach was hospitalized with meningitis and I was terrified of taking him out of the house. The second summer we were in Minnesota (we all know how well that turned out), and last summer involved moving back into our house. You know, when I thought it all was getting back to normal? Anyhoo, I would like for the kids to be somewhat busy but still fun and relaxed. I don’t want everyone to sleep in until 11 (at least that’s the party line) and watch TV all day while snacking. I’ll admit this is a time when I wish they were in daycare where the activities are expertly planned and executed.

Last year I had a plan to go to the zoo one day a week, the library another, and the park on the other days. Didn’t happen. Why? Because it was freaking a zillion degrees outside. The only bright side to the heatwave and drought was the grass didn’t grow and I didn’t have to mow! Being stuck inside sucked. It’s hard enough getting the big two to go outside half the time (I don’t understand these children) and after being stuck inside for the summer (and the subsequent winter when it was negative a zillion degrees), convincing them that the outside is okay is tough.

The other tough thing is Zach. He can be tough to tote. When we go somewhere it has to be stroller friendly and weather friendly. The big two can handle heat better than he can. This summer I think he’ll do better because he’s older and much more interested in what’s going on. Some places we go have a lot of stairs (like the Lincoln Children’s Museum, which is awesome and has elevators, but when the big two run up the stairs and I’m stuck waiting for the elevator to hopefully find out which level they are on and catch them is NOT FUN!) and the stroller is a pain. Luckily most places are stroller and Zach friendly.

This year with Zach in summer school I will have the chance to take the big two out to do things they think are awesome, but hard to do with Zach. Take going to the movies for example. Zach wouldn’t be able to sit through a movie yet (Izzy barely can. She has to pee every fifteen minutes) and that has kept us from going to them. There are morning movie times for kids in the summer, and I hope we can take advantage of that (maybe with a little help from Grandma).

I stole my cousin’s evil plan to send the big two to as many VBSs at local churches as I could find. So far I have three planned, with two more in the wings. With this, the zoo, the library, the Children’s Museum, and the movies, I hope the kids can be entertained/stimulated enough to keep their brains from turning to goo. I’m not worried about overdoing it, but I don’t want them bored. I will easily fall into the trap of waking up late every day, staying up late, snacking all day, watching TV, not getting dressed until 3PM…basically what summers in high school were like before I had a job.

This will very likely be the last summer I have with them like this. Unless I magically get a wonderful full time job tomorrow and they go to daycare for the summer. Or if I win the Powerball jackpot on Saturday and will have every summer with them ever. Or if I find my sugar daddy before next summer. Or if I finally write the novel floating in my head and it becomes a best-seller. All of those scenarios aside, I want to enjoy this time with them. Zach going to school will help keep us on a schedule at least three days out of the week. But what really worries me? I DON’T WANT TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING WITH ALL THREE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I may have jury duty as well. Wish me luck.

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