Oh the changes. So many changes in so little time. My time has changed drastically in the past eight weeks. In that time I had an interview for a job I had applied for, was offered said job, started the job, found daycare for the kids, and determined that this was all a great fit for us. So in a whirlwind I went from SAHM to a mom who works outside the home. Thanks to the glorious help from my mom and sister, I was able to wait to start the kids in daycare until to closer to the start of school. They have adjusted to the changes relatively well, though poor Zach is still trying to process what is going on. He has a best friend at school which completely warms my heart, and is having a great time, but here is a point where the lack of communication makes this very difficult. I can’t tell him what is going on and that it is all okay so I think his adjustment time will be long.

The daycare was a godsend. My friend Kathy calls the whirlwind “God Timing” because everything fell together way to beautifully to have happened on its own. I am experience a ton of answered prayers and I cannot express how grateful I am. The kids are all happy and have each had a number of field trips already which is much more exciting than anything I was able to do for them this summer.

My hope had been to hold off on starting a job until after the kids started school. Things did not time that way. When I saw this job posting, I found it very intriguing and believed it would be a good fit. Fortunately they thought so too. I’m back in the lab and am soooo happy to be there. I was apprehensive about getting back into it all after so much time away from working, but it was like riding a bicycle. Training went smoothly, and so far I think they’re all happy to have me there :). What feels great about this job is my paycheck does not come from other people’s illness. Instead it feels much more like providing a service to help keep people healthy (it’s a food allergy lab btw).

I am going to have to learn how to be a single mom with three kids, one with special needs, who works full time outside of the home. I have embraced the thought that for awhile my house will not be tidy. Clean, but not tidy. I have accepted that the only things that have to happen are: the dishes need to be washed, as do clothes, as do the children, and they kids need to eat. As long as those are met, things are good. When they are at their father’s house is when I can clean clean. I had a great moment of purging this weekend which helps with the clutter. I know that over time I will find ways to deal with the clutter and may even fall into a chore routine, but to maintain my sanity I need to keep most expectations relatively low and build from there.

It’s in my nature to try to do too much at once, and I know in this case doing so will be a fatal error. Sooooo, I’m trying to be patient, and succeeding….. Wish me luck, keep sending prayers, and if you have some fool proof tips for a single working mom, send them my way. Also, the crockpot is my friend.

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