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The Momarchist

I’m working on moving my blog to In the meantime new posts will appear on until I figure out how the hell to build a website. Wish me luck and thank you for following! Advertisements

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It Never Ends

Pizzazzle will soon be moving to a new site with a new name. I’ll provide updates as they happen.  This one is for my parenting soul mates. My Facebook feed has been filled with debates about parents v. the childless … Continue reading

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Oh the changes. So many changes in so little time. My time has changed drastically in the past eight weeks. In that time I had an interview for a job I had applied for, was offered said job, started the … Continue reading

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Another Chapter

My SAHMhood ends this week. After nearly three and a half years of staying home and caring for my kids I’m rejoining the working moms of the world, this time as a single mom. I’m excited to start my new … Continue reading

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What Keeps Me Up At Night

I had the stupidest dream ever last night. Copying and pasting from my own Facebook status, here it is:  I traveled somewhere to run a 5K. The hotel I stayed at had numbered the rooms out of sequence. I was … Continue reading

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What am I going to do?

Five days left of school for the boys, four for Izzy. After that we have a week off before Zach starts summer school and the big two start three weeks of Vacation Bible School. I have no idea what I’m … Continue reading

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And the Meanest Mommy Ever Award Goes to….

I would love to write about my thoughts, feelings, concerns, fears, worries. I could write about my experiences with the half-marathon (which was AWESOME!) or how I worry about taking care of my kids financially after the divorce. I could … Continue reading

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Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob, I know you are mad at me right now, and I know there is no way I can explain this to you in a way that you will understand. I will not let you use the computer today. … Continue reading

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Little Steps

Zach did the best thing earlier this week. The big kids and I were picking him up from school, and we saw him walking in his gait trainer with his teacher. It looked like she was pushing him along, and … Continue reading

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18 Days

If I counted correctly, there are only eighteen days until I run my first half-marathon. My time training has gone by so fast, and I hope I’m prepared. For my own mental game I had to throw away the idea … Continue reading

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