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What am I going to do?

Five days left of school for the boys, four for Izzy. After that we have a week off before Zach starts summer school and the big two start three weeks of Vacation Bible School. I have no idea what I’m … Continue reading

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Little Steps

Zach did the best thing earlier this week. The big kids and I were picking him up from school, and we saw him walking in his gait trainer with his teacher. It looked like she was pushing him along, and … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria Part III

Dr. S had a phenomenal bedside manner. After I sat down, waiting for whatever was about to be thrown my way, she calmly explained that the MRI showed that on the surface of Zach’s brain, he had areas of polymicrogyria. … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria Part II

Part II, here we go… I “slept” on a stupid cushion thing in the hospital room. Where is it written that hospital furniture has to go against the Geneva Conventions? Seriously. I was comforted by the amount of equipment surrounding … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria, Part I

I’ve been asked about Zach’s journey countless times. Each time I’ve tried to write it down, I realize how multidimensional and complicated it was. I’ve written small pieces about it (linked in the post below), but not all in one … Continue reading

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Big Steps

My little big boy took some steps yesterday. He was holding my hands, standing up big and tall like he does, and I saw him lift his right foot way up into the air, and then stomp it down further … Continue reading

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I am not in control….

Forgive any misspelled words. I’m writing this from my phone which has its own idea of spelling and grammar. A few weeks back, Zach had repeat hearing testing done to see if his hearing has deteriorated. It was bad news. … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

I don’t always think it’s fair that my kids aren’t babies anymore. Jacob used to curl up in my arms, wriggle around until he found his spot, sigh, and fall asleep. And I would hold him and do everything possible … Continue reading

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Witnessed Any Miracles Lately???

***this was written about a week ago. Easter and a trip back to Nebraska delayed publishing. We are fast approaching the one year mark since Zach was hospitalized with meningitis.I had no idea what this past year would have in … Continue reading

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There was sad news from Nebraska a few days ago. A little boy in a town outside of Lincoln died from complications of meningitis. This poor little guy was so sick his arms and legs had to be amputated, and … Continue reading

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