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Another Weekend

Another weekend off, and they aren’t getting easier. I’m remembering how I don’t sit still well. Several times I tried to sit and watch some TV (I would love to read but there is so much clutter and chaos in … Continue reading

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Almost Done (Part IV)

Hang in there, I’m almost done. Zach was at Children’s for eight days. His first night we were told he could be there anywhere from seven to twenty-one days in order to receive his antibiotics through IVs. Because he was … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria Part III

Dr. S had a phenomenal bedside manner. After I sat down, waiting for whatever was about to be thrown my way, she calmly explained that the MRI showed that on the surface of Zach’s brain, he had areas of polymicrogyria. … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria Part II

Part II, here we go… I “slept” on a stupid cushion thing in the hospital room. Where is it written that hospital furniture has to go against the Geneva Conventions? Seriously. I was comforted by the amount of equipment surrounding … Continue reading

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Meningitis/Polymicrogyria, Part I

I’ve been asked about Zach’s journey countless times. Each time I’ve tried to write it down, I realize how multidimensional and complicated it was. I’ve written small pieces about it (linked in the post below), but not all in one … Continue reading

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I feel like I’ve been shoved down the stairs. I had a startling self realization today. A friend posted this link about a mom who mapped out the support/care system for her special needs son. When I first looked at … Continue reading

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Big Steps

My little big boy took some steps yesterday. He was holding my hands, standing up big and tall like he does, and I saw him lift his right foot way up into the air, and then stomp it down further … Continue reading

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This One Could Ruffle Some Feathers…

I was trolling around Facebook last night when I came across an interesting post. A friend of a friend had posted that she had been at the movies, and before it started there was an ad on the screen from … Continue reading

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