A House Full of Sickies

The first nasty cold virus has landed in our house. The kids and I are all sick, which is loads of fun. When I’m not pumping everyone full of ibuprofen, I’m doing it with orange juice. Everyone is crabby and tired. Lucky for me, I managed to get the kids in bed by 7:30 for the past few nights. In theory, that should give me plenty of time to rest. In theory.
I know something is wrong when the kids lay around doing nothing. They won’t even fight with each other. Okay, that was a joke. They fight about even more absurd things, like the placement of a corner of a blanket one millimeter beyond the designated boundaries of the sofa cushions. I mean it when I say they’re each getting a pair of calipers for Christmas so they can better compare who has more. Then they’ll need calipers for their calipers….oh, this won’t end well.
Then comes the warm foreheads. Not fevers, but just warm enough to know they feel like crap. Sometimes they get this stink on their heads. This is harder to explain. My kids get this smell on them when they’re about to get sick. No, not the “dear God bathe your children please” smell, but something that triggers the “aw crap” center I’m my brain. We’ve had all of this for a week now. And it’s my turn too.
The best part of not feeling good is taking care I three kids who don’t feel good. I’ve been trying to flood my system with nutrition to help me heal faster and have energy. It helps some. So does caffeine. I’ll admit I can’t wait until bedtime so I can plop into bed. I hope this is the worst we deal with as we enter flu season. Stay healthy friends!

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